Civil Air Patrol eServices News

30 Sep 2020

The following CAP Standards have been revised effective 1 Oct 20: CAPR 70-1 (Includes ICL 20-08), Civil Air Patrol Flight Management; CAPS 71-1, Aircrew Training, Airplane; CAPS 71-2, Aircrew Training, Glider; CAPS 71-4, AFAM-approved Proficiency Flight Profiles; CAPS 71.5, Corporate-approved Proficiency Flight Profiles; CAPS 71-6, Aircrew Training, Cadet Wings; CAPS 71-7, Pilot Flight Clinics; CAPS 72-2, Mission Symbols; CAPP 70-12, Pilot Onboarding.

In addition, the following CAP Forms have been revised: CAPF 70-1, Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheet - Airplane and CAPF 70-1G, Pre-flight Risk Assessment Worksheet - Glider.

Information regarding the nature of the revisions is provided in the Change Record of the document. As always, changes are highlighted in grey.