Civil Air Patrol eServices News

30 Dec 2015

All C-172P and C-182T G1000 equipped, normal procedure, aircraft checklists have been updated to 30 Dec 15, and posted in the NHQ database & in the ORMS application. The C-172P checklist update accommodates engine manufacturer guidance changes in the "Before Takeoff - Run Up" sections of the checklist. All C-182T G1000 equipped aircraft checklists are updated to include manufacturer fuel valve setting clarification in the "Before Takeoff" section of the checklist, as well as other minor edited/formatted items. Members may download the updated CAP aircraft checklists from the web site, located on the "CAP Pilots" web page in the "Aircraft Familiarization" section or simply click here to go directly to the "NHQ Approved Aircraft Checklists" web page.

DOV Staff