Civil Air Patrol eServices News

29 Jun 2016

Commanders and Staff,
Many of you have probably received the CAP Survey for Mission Pilots and Transport Mission Pilots already, but if not I wanted to make you aware so that you could encourage your subordinates and counterparts participation in this survey by our current mission pilots and transport mission pilots. There is a lot of interest and discussion about pilot shortages across the aviation industry right now, and we have been asked some questions by the Air Force about backgrounds of our pilots and their flying experience in and out of the CAP that we could not easily answer from our existing databases. Unfortunately, to be able to provide timely answers, we needed to get a survey out quickly. We have already had over 700 of our 2,651 active mission pilots and transport mission pilots respond which is great, but we'd like to get as many of them to complete it as possible. If you could please push this down through your channels as well and encourage your MPs and TMPs to complete the survey if they have not already done so, we would really appreciate it. Most of our pilots have current email addresses in the system to receive these messages, but some don't, and some may not check it often or be tied up at events like flight academies or encampments with limited connectivity to check email, so we want to get the word out through other means rather than just the original message.

CAP National Operations