Civil Air Patrol eServices News

28 Apr 2017

Commanders and Staff,
As most of you aware, pursuant to ยง61.113(i) of the FARs, private pilots outside of CAP will be able to exercise the privileges of their pilot certificate without a medical certificate effective May 1st, 2017 by complying with the new FAR part 68 (better known as BasicMed), and we have received many questions from members wondering if CAP pilots will be able to as well. The short answer to this is, yes, but not on the 1st of May. We have been coordinating with our insurance carrier, the Air Force, and the FAA to determine if we could allow pilots to operate under the BasicMed rules on our missions. We have received clarification from the FAA in relation to operations under our exemptions which drives how we will implement BasicMed. Rather than start with a potentially confusing interim process that then moves to full electronic tracking in a few months, General Vazquez has directed that we wait. We understand that there is great interest in this, but he wants us to take the time required to implement this properly, after the necessary adjustments are made within eServices for Ops Quals and WMIRS as well as in CAP regulations. We do expect to be able to implement BasicMed sometime this summer. More details will be made available as the policies and systems are finalized. Thank you.

NHQ Operations Team