Civil Air Patrol eServices News

23 Sep 2015

The C-182T (Analog & GPS equipped Non-G1000) and C-U206G (G750-400 & GX55-50) aircraft checklists have been updated to 23 Sep 15, and posted in the NHQ database & in the ORMS application. This update incorporates the following:
  • For applicable C-182T aircraft checklists, the RPM limits are updated in the Before Takeoff-Run Up section to "RPM drop 175" per recent manufacturer guidance.
  • For applicable C-U206G aircraft checklists, 76 Gallons of Usable Fuel Capacity information is included for 1978 & earlier models.
Members may download a current CAP aircraft checklist from the web site, located on the "CAP Pilots" web page in the “Aircraft Familiarization” section or click here to go directly to the "NHQ Approved Aircraft Checklists" web page.

DOV Staff