Civil Air Patrol eServices News

24 Aug 2016

The oil limits of the C-172P & N model airplanes have been revised to a more conservative level in accordance with Cessna's recommendation. The "1800 rpm pre-shutdown engine run-up" step is removed from the NHQ-approved C-182T aircraft checklists; it has been determined that the action of conducting an 1800 rpm pre-shutdown engine run-up provides greater risk than benefit. T206H aircraft checklists are modified to reflect updated Cessna revisions to the POH. Members may continue to use current CAP aircraft checklists through 31 August 2016, or they may download and use the 1 Sep 16 versions immediately (if so desired) from the web site, located on the "CAP Pilots" web page in the "Aircraft Familiarization" section or simply click here to go directly to the "NHQ Approved Aircraft Checklists" web page.

DOV Staff