Civil Air Patrol eServices News

04 Oct 2011

An article published by "News of the Force" last week titled "Civil Air Patrol Officers Removed" is an inaccurate presentation of the facts. Here are the facts:

Lt. Col. Jim Shaw announced his intentions to resign from his volunteer position as executive director of the CAP Historical Foundation in late August after he accepted a new, paid position in his career field. An official letter of resignation was submitted on October 3 with an effective date of October 31. Shaw will continue to serve as CAP’s national curator, a position he has held since June 2009. The national curator’s duties include accepting, receiving and protecting uniforms and other CAP memorabilia in the name of and for the benefit of CAP.

Lt. Col. Ray Lyon serves as a Virginia Wing assistant inspector general. He is also the assistant national historian for financial activities and a nonvoting member of the CAP Historical Foundation.

The CAP Historical Foundation is a nonprofit 503 C3 corporation chartered in Baltimore, Md., and is a separate organization from CAP. The name CAP is the only thing the two organizations share, beyond the desire to preserve Civil Air Patrol history. Even though the CAP Historical Foundation has CAP members on its board, CAP membership is not required.

CAP’s Historical Foundation has designed a system for storing its artifacts in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility with limited access. A number of items are currently on loan to the World War II Victory Museum in Auburn, Ind., New England Air Museum, Waco Museum and Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters.

Civil Air Patrol is currently addressing the unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing referred to in the above-mentioned article. As more information becomes available, it will be released by Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters Public Affairs.