Civil Air Patrol eServices News

01 Jan 2016

We are pleased to inform you that CAP flight activities continue to be performed in a safe and effective manner as we accomplish vital missions for America. Recently, HQ CAP-USAF, NHQ and Maj Gen Vazquez conducted a complete review of the Air Force Approved Proficiency Flight Profiles. Together, we identified a number of training efficiencies which have been incorporated into the updated flight profiles dated 1 Jan 16, as well as removed unnecessary obstacles to pilot proficiency training. Two new and much needed pilot proficiency profiles are also included for your utilization (the Counterdrug Mission Profile & the Low-Level Route Survey Mission Profile). As an added benefit of the revised pilot proficiency profiles, pilots may now accomplish instrument approaches, pattern work and touch & go proficiency training as a part of all profiles. The updated Air Force Approved Proficiency Flight Profiles are linked here; they may also be found on the web site, located on the "CAP Pilots" web page in the "CAPR 60-1 & Aircraft Operations Info" section. We encourage all pilots to keep up the superb flight training and to take full advantage of these updated Air Force Approved Proficiency Flight Profiles to enhance your flying proficiency.

DO Staff