Heritage Brick Park

Paving our future..one brick at a time

With a brick at Civil Air Patrol’s Heritage Park, you have a special opportunity to create a lasting tribute to a friend or family member who served our citizens and communities and our nation.

The Heritage Park provides a permanent home for recognizing Civil Air Patrol members and on AP members who made a significant contribution to the organization. The Heritage Park is centered around the L-19 “Bird Dog” pedestal aircraft in front of the Civil Air Patrol’s National Headquarters on Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

Specific recognition is accomplished through the placement of personalized bricks and pavers around the pedestal of the aircraft. The memorial bricks and pavers are available in two sizes, the 4x8 red brick with 3 lines of text ($125.00) and the 8x8 paver with 6 lines of text ($200.00). We also have miniature replicas available for $25.00 (with purchase).

For more information, contact the Civil Air Patrol Development Office at 334-953-9003 or bricks@gocivilairpatrol.org.

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